5 Ways Great Bosses Show Their Team They Care

What might help your team members feel appreciated? It’s different for everyone.

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In those early days, let’s call them Pandemic V1, we survived circumstances we never thought we would face. Now that we’re moving into Pandemic V2, it’s a great opportunity to move beyond just surviving and engage in some level of thriving.

Leading Your Team Through Pandemic V2

In Pandemic V2, people will settle in. They will get a good office chair and maybe make more space at home for a proper office. Or they will start going to the office one or two days a week. I have a friend who just recently got a “hardship” pass to be in the office several days a week. She’s just too lonely at home all by herself. I can only imagine how weird that’s going to be with more empty desks than full. But at least there are some people there.

Also in Pandemic V2, you can expect that your team will start to expect more from you, their team leader. They will want you to be out of survival mode and into leading the team and showing appreciation and caring for them.

To do that, you’ll have to get into conversations with each of your team members. Yes, that’s right.

  • Acts of Service — Collaborating on a difficult project, supporting another’s work, doing something specific for another that will have them feel appreciated.
  • Receiving Gifts — Awards, bonuses, gift cards or birthday presents in honor of their contribution to the company.
  • Quality Time — Team meetings, learning together, check-ins, 1:1 time with the team leader or team members or other ways of being together that create a sense of belonging.
  • Physical Touch — An appropriate hug, high five, handshake, fist bump or pat on the back to acknowledge a job well done. (This one not so much right now in the age of social distancing.)

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