Are You Yourself At Work?

When Work and Family Life Continue To Collide

Previously published on Forbes

It’s important to note that people often bring their filtered selves to work.

In the good old days, we used to commute and put on the persona of a business leader like we put on a suit jacket. Unconsciously we drive some behaviors underground as we step into our offices. Many leaders report that they are far more short-tempered and impatient at home than they are at work. Their belief is that there is more at stake, more to lose at work. Is there? Isn’t the loss of your family’s trust and connection a lot to lose?

The good news is this. The persona we project at work is being disrupted in the pandemic.

We can’t hide who we are, where we live, how we react or interact with our family members. We are being called to be more integrated — the same person at work and at home.

Founder of Henley Leadership Group. Developing leaders who create happy, productive workplaces. Thought Leader | Executive Coach | Forbes Contributor | Speaker

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