Discover Your Superpower At Work

Here are three questions to help you identify yours.

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But your superpowers are not bragging. They are the essence of who you are and the gift you bring to the world.

So, what’s your superpower at work? Here are three questions you can use to help identify your superpower.

You might have to ask your friends or family to help you with this.

  1. What do people rely on me for?
  2. What would be missing if I were to leave?

Keep in mind, superpowers don’t necessarily conform to roles. There’s no reason someone in the tax department can’t be creative or the team leader can’t be playful. And while it might be easy to think of some strengths as better than others, they’re all valuable to a team.

I tend to think about superpowers as being something you came into the world with; they have been with you all along. For this reason, we don’t use big, fancy words for superpowers. Instead, we use words that could describe a child as well as an adult. But I’ve included the grown-up word in the list below, in case that feels a little more comfortable for you.

Superpowers: Choose the Three That Are Most Like You

· Caring: The ability to understand and share the feelings of another. To see another’s perspective as valid and worthy of consideration. With antennae up, you pick up on the needs and emotions around you, even when no one is saying anything. (A grown-up word for this might be Empathetic.)

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