The Power of Rest and Retreat for Effective Leadership

You may be experiencing deep fatigue, exhaustion, a loss of connection with meaning and soul.

Previously published on Thrive Global

Then there is a deeper dimension of leadership to consider: nurturing your own soul. Bringing heart and meaning into your work. What I call the sacred.

Without this, you may end up feeling dried up, brittle and exhausted. To know that your work and effort makes a difference, you need to slip back into the soothing waters of meaning and contribution.

The Power of Rest and Retreat

The hubbub of the world is incessant. It demands that you pay attention so you don’t get caught off guard and uniformed. Social media grabs your mind share and locks you in a headlock for hours on end. Your children need you, always, whether they are small or grown. Your family needs you. Your work is never done. A never-ending to-do list fills every empty moment. You know the drill all too well.

If we trust the people on our team, then we have to be aware of their well- being, too, and notice the signs of stress and over-work.

Good people aren’t being dramatic if the experience is months and months and even years of feeling like the workload is too much to bear. You must be willing to intervene. To listen. To find ways to get your people some rest, rejuvenation and respite. You may send them on a sabbatical or a retreat.

Founder of Henley Leadership Group. Developing leaders who create happy, productive workplaces. Thought Leader | Executive Coach | Forbes Contributor | Speaker

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